After starting my In-Company Teaching career, here in Madrid in August 2010, I have been able to work with a variety of academies along the way. Big ones, Small ones, Modern ones and Old ones. And of course, as is the norm here, each academy has also had their own selection of Big clients, Small clients, Modern clients and politely put – Traditional clients.

But what sets EnglishOurWay apart from most of the aforementioned academies in Madrid, is simply organisation and customer care. I strongly believe that all of my students are truly important, no matter who they work for or what position they hold in their companies, and I get the same feeling that EnglishOurWay feels the same.

With their own Radio Programme on Capital Radio and an excellent variety of teaching tools and resources, it was very easy for me to change last years working commitments with them, from a mere 5% to around 75% of my working schedule.

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